Being A Mummy Is Exhausting!

Being a Mummy is exhausting I’ve decided. Don’t get me wrong, Dads have it hard too, but I personally believe Mums have it harder. Before I get my head ripped off below is a list of reasons….

1. There is no recovery time. You spend hours in labour and then boom, it’s time to start caring for this new human being, no rest time, got to learn how to feed, nurture and care for this little baby that’s relying on you. Same goes for c section Mummies… Rest for 6-8 weeks?! Jog on! No chance that’s happening.

2. That overwhelming sense of WTF do I do now?! Don’t get me wrong, you prepare, prepare and prepare. Then the little one is here and reality kicks in that you have no idea what you’re doing half the time. Nights consist of lying there, staring at this baby you’ve created, thinking how the hell you’re going to keep it alive as well as sleep soundly again. It’s that’s overwhelming realisation in responsibility.

3. It’s actually all down to you. Don’t get me wrong, your other half can help but only you can give birth and breastfeed. You’re Mummy, those first few weeks is down to you.

4. You’re on the biggest journey of your life. You have to learn all the big things, feeding, soothing and caring for you little one. Even the small things like using all you’re new gadgets, functioning daily with two hours sleep. Then spend all night thinking constantly about said things!

5. You have to remember all these things daily, plus feeding times, who is coming round next.. When you last ate, slept, cleaned yourself?! It’s exhausting, you get two weeks help off the other half whilst he’s on paternity, then you’re on your own!

6. It never, ever stops! You may be falling asleep standing up, but your little one is hungry, or wants nursing to sleep first. You may want a bath, but the baby has done a massive poop so the best course of action is a bath for them, or just chucking them straight in the bin?.. Upto you 😂. You want food as its 2pm and you still haven’t eaten… Forget that, the baby needs another bottle asap.

I’ve also been told, as they get older it gets worse… The worrying never stops, then you’re the Grandparent and instead of worrying about your baby, it’s time to start worrying about grandchildren! Goodbye sleep, I’ll miss you 🙋🏼😴


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