When the boring Job’s become fun – You know your a mum.

Is it just me, or have everyday jobs that you used to avoid before babies suddenly become an enjoyable thing to do?!

I’ve had one of those days before, screaming baby for a whole day, non stop until the other half walks in and boom, they suddenly become a happy, laughing baby 😀! Or they continue to scream and suddenly you’re a chef and the thought of being left in a quiet kitchen to cook tea seems like heaven! Before, you’d be too tired from work to want to cook and order a takeaway, now it’s 20 mins of peace.

Wash the pots?! Yeh I’ll do that if it means I don’t have to go do the repetitive bath-time ritual… It was cute at first, now it’s messy, you get soaked and it’s 50/50 if the baby is going to kick off when they get out.

Grocery shop needs doing?… I’ll go! What should take 15 minutes to get some bread/milk/food/WINE now takes a good hour whilst you wander every aisle you’ve wanted to go down but couldn’t with a kicking off/bored baby. Oooo how supermarket clothes suddenly become so much more appealing to look through once you’ve had kids!

Cleaning the kitchen/bathroom/garden?… Yup I’ll do that, especially when it’s lunchtime/teatime any time that involves food and you know you’re going to get covered in said food, as is the baby/floor/sofa/table!… Good times!

Never did I think that having a baby would make me become such a domestic goddess! πŸ’πŸ½πŸ‘ΈπŸ½


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