Why Do They Make Parenting So Complicated! 5 do’s and dont’s

Who else didn’t have a clue what you needed when you were a first time mum? The amount of things I’d never heard of before that I suddenly had to buy was never-ending! However roll on six months later and I realised… That’s a load of old bobbins!
Here my personal top 5 things you don’t need and the 5 you probably do:-

1. That stupid list of baby things! You know the one, you apply to every baby website and they all give you a list of what to buy, there is about 50+ things on it, when you only need about 10 of them. What you really need is a friend/family member with kids to advise you and to put that list in the bin!

2. Mitts! What is the bloody point in them?! They never stay on, as soon as your back is turned one is missing, thumb in the babies mouth and you are thinking where the hell has it gone? Same goes for bloody socks!

3. Other people’s opinions! The randomer in the street telling you what you should/shouldn’t do. The busybody friend/family member telling you what you need and don’t need. Unless I ask for your advise, butt out please!

4. The cot! The first thing you rush out to buy and the reality is you actually don’t go near it for the first 4-6 months. Well apart from to throw clothes/bedding in it as a place for storage.

5. Speaking of clothes, you barely need to buy those as once the baby is here you are given a load more. Plus the reality is most of it ends up staying in drawers and you are constantly grabbing the cleans ones off the maiden or washing line as they are the nearest when your babies done a huge poop or projectile vomited everywhere!

The main 5 things you need when your little one is here are:-

1. A decent buggy. Don’t grab the first one you see and end up like me, stuck in a shopping car park, fighting with the buggy that has to have three handles pulled at the same time, using your invisible third arm and getting nowhere. Whilst the baby is crying in the car seat to get out and your slowing turning the shade of a tomato due to frustration and embarrassment!

2. A perfect prep machine, the best invention ever! (Obs this is only if your bottle feeding.) Standing in your kitchen at 2am, waiting for the kettle to cool down whilst your baby is crying away is not fun believe me! This 2 minute bottle making wonder machine is brilliant! In fact any electric baby equipment that makes your life easy is great in my opinion!

3. Bibs! Forget all the cute, different little outfits you want to buy, focus on finding cute bibs as believe me, the amount babies actually dribble after the first few months is a joke! No one ever tells you that, so be prepared to constantly be covered in baby dribble as well as sick😂.

4. A good partner. I honestly don’t know how I’d have done it without mine. Yeh, there may be times you contemplate if being charged for murder is worth it when he’s driving you mad but having a decent guy who does more than his fair share reminds you why you don’t 😂🙊. Serious high-five to the single mums/dads out there, don’t know how you do it! 🙌🏽

5. To enjoy it! The amount of times I’ve sat there, rocking the little guy to sleep, hoping he’ll get to the next stage soon… Then we get there and I think aww I miss when he was smaller already! Enjoy every minute as it flies by before you know it! #firsttimemum #mummyproblems#mummyinthemaking #mumtalk #mummyblogger

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