Maternity Leave Goes Far Too Quickly!!

Where the hell has my maternity leave gone?! I realised today that I’ve only got four months left 😢.
Why is it when you’re pregnant 9 months felt like a lifetime but once your baby is here it flies by?! My life has completely changed but I wouldn’t change it back for a second. (OK, maybe I would for a few hours sleep but then I’d want it straight back again 😂).
The main things I’ve learnt on maternity though…

1. You’ll learn just how much you can function on a few hours sleep. Before babies, if I didn’t get 7/8 hours sleep, the whole world knew about it with my mood! No chance now, you don’t get time to complain about it, it’s all eat, clean, poop, clean, entertain…. Forget a nap time! If you’re lucky enough though, take it, they don’t come around as often as you think! You will officially become superwoman and survive on an hour here and there, whilst listening/blocking out the other halves complaints about being tired after work, omg what I’d give to go to work instead for a few hours 😂!

2. You will learn to do so many new things. You’ll learn how to have eyes in the back of your head, the side, bloody everywhere! Multitasking was a breeze before but now it’s a fine art you’ve perfected. The evil stare you used to have is nothing in comparison to the one you’ve now nailed if anyone dares speak when the baby is finally asleep! You’ll be able to carry/feed a baby whilst eat/drinking/texting/reading with perfection.

3. You’ll never have a routine again! Every day is different as a parent, just as you think you’ve got it, it goes tits up and you’re starting all over again. You’ll have days where it gets to 3pm, realise you’re starving and the house is a shit tip, except it, it’s going to happen!

4. You’ll work harder than you ever had. Parenting reinvents the definition of work. The clock doesn’t stop, you can’t decide come 6pm that’s the day done… You day might be actually just starting again, you’ll never know either way.

5. Life as you know it will change, but that’s all good. A tiny human being will suddenly become your whole world and you will have never have felt so much love for something in your life before. You’ll make new friends and get to value the ones you already have even more. You’ll also learn just how bloody brilliant you really are as you become the world to the beautiful little baby that you created 💙😍.
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