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When men think working and being a Dad means they have a hard life…. Jog on!

So I had a rant at the other half about just how much time he actually gets to himself as he believed I have plenty of time to myself too! I pointed out that although he was at work for 8 hours, I was working for 8 hours too! I didn’t get any free time to enjoy myself, god how I wish sometimes I was going to work instead! It then made me realise just how much time men actually get to themselves….

Getting ready for work, getting to choose an outfit and put it on without either a crying baby as you’ve but them down for a whole 30 seconds, or a toddler pulling at the outfit you’re trying to put on!

The nice walk to the car, not needing to double check a bag, then have a hysterical baby on one hip, whilst carrying multiply items in the other hand. Its all nice and quiet for them, peaceful. Same goes for the drive to work, radio on to listening to whatever they wish, no screaming kids or the dull repetitive sound of nursery rhymes for them!

Break time, it may be a 10 minute one or a half an hour lunch, but they are guaranteed that time. There is no fear of rushing to the kitchen whilst the baby is asleep or when they are distracted by cbbs, to get a sandwich or a warm brew, then worrying as its gone quiet in the other room and you’re wondering what hell you’ll be going back too and sack the brew as you know you won’t get to drink it! No men get that peaceful, uninterrupted break daily!

Toilet time! When they are at work they get to go to the loo with the guarantee no ones crying in the other room as you’ve left, or you’re talking through the door to a toddler that won’t bugger off, better yet, sat in the bathroom with you!

See men, next time you moan that we get just as much free time as you, remember to give your head a bloody wobble!


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