Weddings and Babies… Good luck with that one!

So Mummy learnt that babies and weddings do not mix! As much as you want them to behave as Sunday regulars, dressed in their finest, it just isn’t going to happen!

First is the church part itself… Babies and toddlers cannot sit still for 45 seconds, never mind 45 minutes! You’ll be equipped with snacks, books and toys but no matter what you take they are going to kick off because they are bored… But who can blame them when half the adults really are too!

They will either crawl/walk everywhere or cry whilst you cringe and pretend they don’t belong to you.

Picture time! You will have spent all morning praying they haven’t spilt something on themselves and then realise, just as the picture is being taken they’ve done just exactly that! They will also try to photobomb the bride and grooms pictures, just a heads up.

Then comes the 2 hour wait between that and the meal where the adults have a nice relaxing drink. However, you will be chasing a toddler around like a crazy person whilst everyone else oooo and ahhhhhs at how cute they are…. Forget styling you hair, tie it up as you’ll be a sweaty mess by the end of it.

Then it’s meal time. Usually you rely on McDonald’s or a cafe for guaranteed speedy service whilst also not having to worry about the mess. You’ve attempted to train them to not eat with there hands, roll around the floor or throw their food but honestly, you’d probably have more success training a monkey! You’ll just be eternally grateful when everyone on the table offers you their bread roll for the little one and if you actually get to eat your own meal.

Then it’s speech time. Never mind the people giving them being nervous, parents at this point are petrified too…. Parents know that kids always pick the most inappropriate time to give off… So speech time, when everyone else is quiet, is a perfect opportunity for them to do so! They’ve spent several hours sitting in the same place, in stuffy clothes, clearly bored so it’s not surprising when a tantrum appears….

Then the evening do starts…. Finally they can run around like crazy people and you get to have a large alcoholic beverage (or three!)

However witching hour soon strikes! This is when they become hysterical due to the exhaustion of a full day with no nap… screaming baby is back with a vengeance!

I do love a good wedding but sometimes it’s always a bonus if the babysitters free that day! 🙌🏽

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