Work life balance?!…… HA!

So I’ve heard recently this term called work-life balance… I’ve yet to find it! My daily battle is trying to split my time between work and kids. (Plus as for me time, ha!) Here is the top reasons I can think of that mums struggle with to have a work-life balance….

1. You are constantly on the go… Morning routine/school/nursery/work/pickups/chores/tea/bath time/bedtime…. the moment you get up until bedtime… exhausted doesn’t cover it.

2. It is impossible to find a job that fits around kids. Part-time/full time/term time only. It’s easier said than done. Something always crops up just as you think your sorted… Overtime at work and no childcare or a doctors appointment on a work day!

3. No job is flexible around kids. However, they usually expect you to be flexible around them.

4. You constantly feel guilty. If you don’t work, you feel guilty that you should, if you are at work you wonder whether you’ve spent enough time at home!

5. Holidays are a nightmare! Just when you think you’ve sorted childcare around school, bam! Helloooo 6 week break!

6. Your toddler/kids hate you being on the phone so you’re forever forgetting to message people back. Therefore the 5 minutes free you get you’re contacting three people at once.

7. No me time! You live for dry shampoo and 5 minutes peace in the shower is like Christmas!

8. No time for the other half either. By the time you sit down together you can just about stare at the tv for five minutes before falling asleep…

9. You remember ‘dress up day’ or homework at 10pm at night. Thank god for coffee and wine!

10. Days off are not relaxing! You make up for working by days out and then whilst the kids nap you have two hundred jobs to complete around the house.

11. Your working day starts at 6am. Then finishes gone 10pm… Breaktimes, ha! I wish!

12. You think it gets easier as they get older… it actually gets harder as there is more to do! Ooo I can’t believe I thought the baby stage was hard 🤦🏽‍♀️.

You really do deserve a medal (or at least a glass of wine!)

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