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  • Babies don’t just change you… They also change your relationship too!

Babies don’t just change you… They also change your relationship too!

20160919_175146When you have a baby, people are quick to point out your life will change… What they forget to point out is that your relationship will too!

1. You would rather sleep than have sex. Don’t get me wrong, dates night and nights out without babies it’s ‘ooo hello, I forgot about you’ when you see your fella, but if your baby nods off early all you’ll be thinking about is ‘yes! I can go to sleep!’ Sunday morning, they can jog on then too, I’ve been up everyday at 6am with the brat, it’s daddies turn now!

2. The sexiest thing your partner can offer you is the chance for a nap! It’s a myth that you get to nap when babies do!

3. Men aren’t exactly conversationalists before babies but once they are here, all your conversations will revolve around babies, constant baby talk.

4. Baby nappy-changing/toilet moments are now legitimate teatime talk.

5. All your extra income no longer goes on night out/cinema trips… Its all on baby, you don’t think twice about spending it either.

6. If you do want a night out together, it has to be planned several months in advance. Even then it’s 50/50 if it’ll happen.

7. You think about said date night for months and when it actually arrives all you can think about is if you could skip it and have a sleep! Or watch all your favourite programmes you’ve got on series link that you never get to see anymore.

8. You see your partner a whole new way. No longer do you long for flowers and chocolate, you’re just ecstatic when their car pulls in the driveway after a bad day with the kids!

9. You definitely have your ups and downs. Once babies arrive you can be having a blazing row then thirty minutes later you’re asking if they want a brew and getting a kiss, way of saying sorry without actually having to say it.

10. But it’s worth it, one of the hardest times in a relationship is when babies arrive but then all the good times together far out way the small, rubbish parts.

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