Baby Injections!

So baby injections, was anyone else as absolutely bloody petrified as I was when your little one was due the first lot?!

You get that letter a week before in the post, crap yourself as you know the other half is working and then sit there thinking, ‘no way in hell am I going on my own!’ (Bearing in mind at this point I was still timing trips out around bottle feeds to avoid warming them up, embarrassing first time mum drama for you there!) You then get all the leaflets out that you were given off the health visitor when you were in your zombie like state a few weeks earlier and realise I best actually read them now.

The day you go, you arrive to a waiting room of other scared looking mums, plus the laid back ones who are clearly looking at you with that ‘aww it’s her first time face’. Then you have to watch cute, smiling little faces going into another room with the smily nurse that’s about to attack your child… This is followed by the high pitched scream of said cute smily baby, whilst sitting there feeling nothing but guilt as you know you’re doing the same to your child within the next 5 minutes! (Don’t know why I say 5 as we all know you actually get seen about 20 minutes after your actual appointment time!).

Then it’s the moment, your babies name is called… I don’t know about you but I left it all to the other half and stood behind him. You are given a talk about what they are having injections for, clearly not taking it in properly as your too busy thinking about the fact your babies going to cry any minute now and really you want to say, back the fook off my baby! Then told all about the calpol rules, whilst at the same time being confused as you’ve been told not to give it to babies under three months.

Then comes the moment when you see the huge long needles (which the other half reminded me afterward was a third of the size of the image of the one I had in my head!) one for each leg. This is followed by a delay of realisation in your child that the smily nurse that’s in front of him is actually the devil and they then proceed to cry hysterically. This results in a crying mum apologising for said crying whilst the nurses look at her with innocent smiles but are really thinking we’ve got another nut job, first time one here!

You get all prepared for the aftermath when you get home from the injections that your told about… Then nothing. He’s bloody fine!

Roll on about 4 weeks later and off to the next appointment on your own you go. You are now one of those aww bless them mums, looking at the newbies thinking I remember that feeling 😂. #firsttimemum #injections #mummyinthemaking #immunisation #newborn #mummytalk

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