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C-Section awareness… Its not the easy option for having a baby!

‘First day I’ve managed to get out of bed without being in complete pain and on my own too! COME ONNNNNN!’

That comment seems like nothing now but a week after my c-section, being able to do that was the best feeling I’d had after meeting my little guy for the first time! You get told to rest for a reason, its major surgery. not only are you cut in two, your insides are on the outside and every muscle is ripped and pulled!

The day I became a mum I hadn’t really registered it was really happening!
I’d been booked in a week previous for a c-section as they found out my baby was breech. We tried turning him but whether I liked it or not, it looked like he’d got my lazy genes and big head. The only thing I could think at the time was ‘thank god I don’t have to give birth!’ Bloody hell, how naïve was I?!

Going to the hospital that Tuesday morning was so surreal, it just felt like another appointment. Being taken to my bed and asked to change into a gown ready for surgery, I still hadn’t fully accepted that I was about to become a mum in less than an hour! (Seriously feel for those mums who have hours of pain in labour then have to have that terrified, unsure feeling I was experiencing knowing I was about to have surgery.)

As soon as my naked butt was on that surgery table and legs spread was when it finally kicked in, this was actually happening! I was being introduced to doctors with my naked butt on the table and asked to shake hands, seriously the most surreal situation I have ever been in. It was a mixture of excitement and being absolutely terrified! I was asked if I was comfortable, well I couldn’t feel a thing from the hips down by that point, so I was fine and ready to go. (Apart from having to ask if they were planning on moving the lights above me as I could see EVERYTHING, really didn’t fancy watching my own surgery!). Did you also know that you don’t get a fancy cover to separate you from the surgeons, its your hospital gown thrown over a bar, NO JOKE! The other half was sat right beside me, looking rather handsome in his surgery looking outfit if I do say so myself. Then he was suddenly right in my face, asking if I was ok! I later found out that the muppet had looked over the cover that separated me from the doctors and he has seen EVERYTHING that was happening. I’m surprised he didn’t pass out there and then!

Then before I knew it I heard that cry! OMG there is nothing like it! He was here! High as a kite and not feeling a thing I started posing for pictures whilst they were stitching my body back together. That seems so surreal when I look back now. The nurse at one point even asked us if we wanted him to take a picture of our new family! I’m cut half open, smiling away at the amazing new being I’d just created!

All I can say about a planned c-section is that I was looked after brilliantly, could not fault them. Downside?… OMG THE PAIN FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS!! They don’t warn you about that! Plus you get offered two paracetamol!! You are told you’ve had major surgery and you get offered two BASTARD PARACETAMOL!! You are also left in a bed for 24hours with no underwear on, lying on what I can only describe as a adult size nappy, oh the glamour of it all!Luckily for me I met this fab lady on my ward who told me to ask for morphine my second day in, best advice I ever got! If I were to have another baby I’ll be demanding it on a drip.

Now I look back I’m just glad that it all went ok and my little guy came out fine and well after it all.

(Don’t worry, I won’t always waffle on this much!) #csectionawareness #csection #birth #mumlife #mummyinthemaking

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