Coffee Shops vs Mum!

So today Mummy decided she hates coffee shops! The big multi-chain type ones…

It all started off well, mummy decided last night it was a good idea to stay up late watching tv when she knew the baby would be awake at 5. It seemed like a good idea at the time. So this morning a coffee was very much needed.

Managed to get to the coffee shop successfully, only to get to the door and then there is the dilemma of going in rear first as you can’t exactly push it with a buggy. Such a glamorous way to enter somewhere, you know, backside first. So struggling away I almost make it, the only person to help was the nice old lady who’d been smiling at the baby on the way in. The ignorant gets having a nice business meeting over coffee clearly chose to ignore me. (Obviously made sure I caught one of their feet with the buggy as I went past them to make myself feel better!)

Then I get to the counter and think what the fook does all this mean?! Venti, blah, blah de blah?! I just want a bloody coffee!! Although the full fat, creamy chocolatey frappuchino thingy the girls order before me looks good but they can get away with drinking it in their size 8 skinny jeans. I’m still trying to lose the baby weight I’m pretending to be carrying.

So coffee purchased, then there is the decision to carry said coffee and push the buggy, or abandon the baby at a table and come back for the coffee. Went for the second option only for the baby to start screaming hysterically as if I’m abandoned him there forever. Followed by a nice dirty look of the women next to me with two children, come on love! You should know better!

Finally, coffee in hand, baby calm with snacks, I soak in the caffeine fix and calmness, reminding myself in future to go to the little cafe where they serve you at the table instead of having to get in a stupid queue…. I’m also thinking to myself that I’ll be a good mum tonight and be in bed by 9! (Won’t really as I’ve got a few Real Housewives on series link to watch so who am I kidding?! 😂)

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