Daily rows…. Welcome to parenthood!

Ever noticed that having a daily row about something suddenly becomes the norm once you’ve had kids?!….. Luckily they are usually light hearted but always seem to happen! Here’s my top ten…

1. Whose turn it is to get up in the night. Expect this to happen at least once every night I’m afraid. I suggest mastering pretending to still be asleep to avoid the argument altogether.

2. How often you go out. Perhaps the other half is enjoying too many Sunday sessions in the pub or you have suddenly been invited to several girls nights in a row, whoever is stuck in with the baby/kids isn’t going to love it. Best suggestion? Book a babysitter asap.

3. Who woke the baby up… Finally they are asleep then boom! Crying begins! You’re convinced it was the door when the other half went to the loo, they’re convinced it was the tv when your tv series theme tune started up. Either way war begins, best option is to curse them under your breath whilst soothing baby back to sleep.

4. Directions on car journeys. Tbf this happens before kid too. He gives you the sat nav, you follow it but end up in the wrong place yet it’s your fault! This is bad enough but add a screaming toddler into the situation and world war 3 may just start!

5. Whose turn it is to change the nappy. The other half has them for a day so is convinced it’s your turns, you don’t wish to actually calculate how many more you’ve probably changed during the week! Best bet, pretend you can’t smell it until they do!

6. Who is more tired. Who works more, who does more in the house, this is one row no one will win as you will always be convinced you’re the worst off as tiredness brings out the worst in anyone.

7. Who left he toilet seat up, again! What’s worse is that you know your little one is going to copy as soon as they are old enough.

8. Your sex life. How often you’re having it (or not!) Don’t worry, you’ll get past this hurdle once the baby FINALLY goes to sleep!

9. Whose turn it is to do the washing. Why is it once kids appear the wash basket is always full and plates always need cleaning?! You’re both also convinced you ALWAYS seem to be doing it!

10. How to discipline your child. You tell them off, the other half laughs! That is until a toy is thrown in their face instead and suddenly you’re the bad guy for laughing!!

Luckily I’ve heard rowing in a relationship is healthy!

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