Fantasy vs Reality!

When I first became a mum I had a certain way of thinking… Everything was going to be by the book, I’d also have a routine (ha!) and do everything my health visitor said….. Then we got home from the hospital! Three days of just us three and the rule book went right out the window! The ‘perfect mother’ doesn’t exist, we’re all just doing the best we can to get through a day in one piece. I convinced myself I wasn’t going to put my baby in front of the tv or give them ‘bad snacks’, homemade or organic only! Then reality kicked in! I judged those mums before and I’m ashamed I did.
I looked at mums with babies in the buggy, munching away on bright orange wotsits and thought ‘ooo my baby won’t look like that’, 12 months later my little guys loves quavers. I also headed straight to the first shop that sold Milk chocolate when he had a full on meltdown in the shopping centre, praying it would stop the screaming that was making everyone look at me in disgust as I stomped to said shop! Now I smile at mums like me and think, ‘aww she’s having a bad day bless her!’ I’ve even given ‘treats’ to other mums at playgroup who’s toddlers look like they are about to totally kick off as I know that fear whilst also praying they don’t!
I read all the books and leaflets the midwives gave me, planned a sleep routine and weaning plan. I gave up after months of endless crying, not the baby but me, from the sheer exhaustion of the mind blowing change it is to be permanently tired! Babies don’t follow the same rules, they make their own up and we have to just make it work the best we can.
My baby was never going to be stuck infront of the tv, it was all about playtime and family time. That’s until you have to read the same book for the 129384743th time! Or you have a pile of washing to do and you know sticking Jungle Book on will guarantee you at least 20 minutes to get it done. You’ll know the theme tune to every CBeebies programme as it gives you five minutes to stare at your phone and absorb the peace and quiet.
I was going to be that perfect mum too, then guess what? Shit got real! You will feel completely crushed when your baby, yet again turns their nose up at your lovingly prepared, steamed, blended vegetables for the 10th time and jars will become your friend. Same goes for McDonald’s, it’s a treat, which Mummy deserves too! (You will also make up for the guilt of said treat by convincing your baby that broccoli is the best thing ever the next day!)
So don’t be so quick to judge other Mums, you’ll soon learn that although we do all these tricks, we also love our babies unconditionally too! We’ve just learnt that these little tricks also help Mummy to be a fab one too!

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