Hangovers and babies to not mix!

Why is it when Mummies have a hangover we have to suck it up and deal… But when the other half is rough they not only get a lie in the day of their works do, they also get out of the 6am wake up call and get to spend all day lying in bed feeling sorry for themselves the next day?!

They are allowed to be the moodiest person ever but if it was you, you’d be constantly reminded how you’re becoming ‘just like your mum by the day’ (men really love their mother-in-laws don’t they?!) Whilst also telling the children how ‘Mummy is in a lovely mood today’… Can you imagine the sulk/paddy they would have if we did that to them?…

Daddy has also spent the best part of the morning trying to explain to Mummy that he doesn’t understand why he feels so ill as he only drank beer… Forgetting the part where it was about 10 pints of beer and the fact Mummy could smell the stink of it when he got into bed at 230am after drinking from 5pm. Also the shots he no doubt drank and Mummy knows fully well that he also likes a JD on a night out too.

The only good thing to come out of it is that about 6pm tonight the monsters belly will start rumbling and Mummy will get to put a £20 takeaway on Daddies card 🙌🏽. Also that she has her night out next weekend and can remind Daddy how much of a hungover pain he was the week before!

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