Lovely, relaxing weekends away with kids….. HA!

Remember those days when a weekend away seemed like a fabulous idea?… A chance to recharge the batteries and cut the world off for a few days?…. Forget about attempting one once you have a child!

1. You have to take everything, including the kitchen sink! The cars already full of crap before you’ve even begun to think about how you’re going to fit actual people in it!

2. Entertaining children in the car is exhausting! Shut up and listen to the god damn Disney CD!

3. Sunday/Bank Holiday Monday traffic is evil! Everyone is overtired and snappy and if your seat gets kicked one more time you may just have an actual meltdown!

4. When you attempt to pack to go home, something is always missing and what did fit into the car a few days ago now doesn’t bloody fit! You then have to listen to your partner making ‘helpful suggestions’ on how to get it fit whilst you feel the anger building up whilst you decide whether its worth walking home due to lack of room or to stop the urge to kill said other half.

5. You finally set off, an hour after the original time for someone to point out they’ve forgotten something and have to make a u-turn on a straight road with no bastard roundabout appearing anytime soon either!

6. Get back to the accommodation to find out the item that was missing was is the car all along 😱😭

7. Someone is guaranteed to be sick or need a poo, all you have is baby wipes left to clean up any said sick, whilst also trying to not be sick yourself….. Fun times!

8. Your partner thinks they know a short cut… You remind when what happened last time they thought they did, which they ignore then you have to again avoid the urge to punch them when they realise they’ve got lost.

9. You have a new found love for chocolate, forget the healthy snacks, chocolate is your friend on a long car journey.

10. FlNALLY you’re home….. Everyone scarpers into the house and you realise you’re unpacking the car in your own then 🤦🏽‍♂️.

11. You feel like bursting into tears when you think about all the dirty washing you now have to clean!

12. The other half is also now ‘exhausted’ for the long drive home and needs to rest… How bloody convenient!

13. Hours later, takeaway order as you also have no food in, washing in the machine, children/babies finally passed out… You sit down and realise just how exhausted you are yourself and that you need a holiday to get over the weekend away!

Ooooo don’t you love long, bank holiday weekends?!

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