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  • Men call it moaning… We call it listen when we say it the first time!

Men call it moaning… We call it listen when we say it the first time!

Who else hates household chores! Yup, you avoid them all weekend, then karma happens Monday morning and you have loads to do! However, is it just me or does the other half make chores ten times worse?!

1. They NEVER put their dirty washing in the wash basket, you’ll find it next to the basket, right bloody next to it and not in it, what’s that all about?! Or it’s on the bedroom floor/under the stairs or in the bathroom! Put it in the bloody wash basket!

2. Pots! Why is it when a fella offers to do tea, they feel the need to use every pot and pan in the house?! Then leave them on the side to dry up and go all crusty so they are twice as hard to clean?!

3. Why when you ask them to do a job round the house, does it take 3/4 weeks before they get it done? It takes 5 minutes to do the job you’ve asked them to do ie change a bulb and they put it off for weeks! So roll on 3 weeks later and you are doing it yourself because your are sick of hearing the response ‘I’ll get to it babe’.

4. Earbuds! Same situation as the washing, they always end up next to the bin, not in it!

5. Cleaning the bath! They never rinse the bath after they are done and then you are stuck there the next day trying to get the circle of dried up hair/dirt off it.

6. The man corner! You know what I mean, that bit of space you’ve allowed them to have for all their crap. Its always the messiest corner in the house, it’s worse than the kids! It’s never tidy and you are dying to clean it after piling up letters and magazines in it, hoping they take the hint to tidy it but don’t. Then you’ve finally had enough and tidy it, just to get a load of earache because you’ve binned some important letter that they need but you just saw a scruffy piece of paper with tea stains on it, then a major row occurs as you feel guilty but won’t admit it! Just keep it clean then guys!

7. Speaking of letters, not only do they keep way too many that they don’t need, they also keep the envelope that it came in to accumulate rather than just putting it in the bin! What’s that all about?!

8. Crumbs! You’ve spent all morning cleaning and hoovering for them to come home, grab crisps or biscuits, jump on the sofa to munch away and cover the cleaned carpet with a load of crumbs! Do you want me to kill you?! 😂

PS I do love the other half very much, despite always nagging at him, otherwise I wouldn’t put up with it 😂. Happy Monday people 😘 #nagging #mummyinthemaking #mummyblogger #mummyblog #mondayblues

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