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The moments when you realise you baby is becoming a toddler….

So I suddenly realised the other day that my little baby is slowly becoming a toddler (when the hell did that actually happen though!?!) You get given all these milestones they should reach when they are a baby but no really tells you about the delights that await you when they start becoming a toddler. So I’ve come up with a list of when your baby is starting to make their way into the delights of toddler stage….

1. You use quotes from kids tv shows to keep them entertained. No longer do you sing along to the radio in the car, you’re belting out Teletubbies and Big Barn Farm theme tunes in the car, whilst people in the car next to you at the lights look at you like the crazy lady you now are. Same goes in everyday conversation, quotes from said kids programme in every other sentence.

2. You no longer order for just yourself in restaurants or coffee shops. You debate the price of your large latte/meal, but don’t think twice of the price of food/drink for the little one. If it keeps them quiet for a few minutes you’re just eternally grateful.

3. It takes even longer to get out of the house. No longer is it a bottle and a nappy, you now need snacks, more clothes, more food and several toys for entertainment or one that they refuse to leave the house without. (You also spend most of the time you’re out looking for the said toys as they seem to constantly disappear!)

4. You get way too excited when you see a truck/bus/dog/train and shout ‘ooo look!’ Far too loudly everything time you see one.

5. Visiting time seeing friends with younger babies gets shorter as they don’t need reminding that the cute baby they are holding is going to become the evil toddler you’re trying to get back in a buggy, who has suddenly decided to play a game of pretending to be a wood plank and refusing to cooperate, or they have thrown a major tantrum as they didn’t want the food you’ve ordered for them.

6. You’re ‘baby proofing’ the entire house. Forget liking their own toys when they can go under the tables, behind the tv, open yet another cupboard or stick their fingers in every electrical hole that you think you’ve already found but actually missed.

7. The local park trip is exhausting. No longer do they just sit in the swing and get tired, you have to avoid the eating mud situation and death traps for the next hour.

8. You thought baby poop was bad…. Say hello to toddler poop!

9. They are so messy!! Why are the clothes you just put on them so filthy looking after only an hour!? Forget cute matching outfits anymore, you’re just grateful when they look clean.

10. Food time. It’s a guessing game of if they are hungry or not. Then a fight over whether they want to feed themselves or grabbing the spoon/bowl off them before they throw the entire contents on the floor.

Oooo the joys of parenthood! (However the cuddles you now get off them are fab and filled with even more love!)

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