Mornings…. I just love them! Said no Mum, ever!

Don’t you just loveeeeee mornings?! Wake up an hour before for work, nice cup of coffee, bit of gentle morning stroll to said work…… Ahaha Asif!

1. Be woken up at 5am and kick yourself for staying up late the previous night.

2. Put the kettle on ASAP (whilst holding a wet nappy baby so they don’t start screaming)

3. Deal with poo, every morning, usually straight after a nappy change.

4. Attempt to change baby/children whilst also running round the house after them.

5. Make several breakfasts, which not one is actually for you.

6. Attempt to put makeup on whilst fighting with children/toddlers over said makeup and brushes.

7. Break up at least one fight.

8. Dry shampoo your hair for the third day running.

9. Wash pots/do wash load/change yet another nappy!

10. Check everyone has got everything they need for the day, whilst totally forgetting anything you need.

11. Put coats on children/babies then attempt to find yours, turn round the coats are now off again and on the floor!

12. Drink cold coffee.

13. Attempt to put everyone in the car and realise you’ve forgot at least two things.

14. Try not to have a breakdown due to all the screaming.

15. 9am and your at work listening to how the 20 year old that still lives at home tell you they’ve had too much sleep and are tired.

16. Try very hard to spend the day trying not to punch said tired 20 year old 😴

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