Mummie’s aren’t meant to get ill…..

So today I forgot Mummies aren’t meant to get ill….. All you want to do is curl up on the sofa with a box of tissues and watch bad tv but you can’t do that when you have a little one can you?!. Then add in to the mix that they are ill too…. You’re screwed! Although you suddenly get this overwhelming sense of need to care for them and forget you’re ill. Out the window the daily plans go. You’re covered in baby snot, as well as dribble, tears, food and milk from constant cuddles. Anything that helps to help ease their pain. Your head may feel like it’s about to explode but, bloody hell, how must they feel bless them!

Then you do the clever move of googling their symptoms, baddddd idea! They’ve suddenly got every illness going, you’re on the phone to out of hours and speeding down the road to ane.

I remember when my little one was nearly two weeks old, waking up with a temperature and a rash, online info telling me to see a doctor, flying to ane at 4am to then get told we’re going down to the children’s ward, my God was I a mess. The other half telling me to slow down as id only had a c section two weeks previous, jog on if you think anyone’s stopping me was all that was going through my head.

Then we are sat waiting for what seemed to be a lifetime to be seen (was probably only 10mins but think I’d lost it by this point). Every time a nurse spoke to me I thought I was speaking English but all that was coming out of my mouth was babbling and tears! Luckily the staff were brilliant and eased us straight away and we were out after a few days, he’d just had a skin reaction to something.

So round two of the illnesses started this week and I’m trying desperately to stay calm and avoid Google. Calpol is my new friend and Nanna is on speed dial just incase whilst the other half is at work. I’m on day 3 of the dry shampoo, whilst lemsips have replaced cups of tea. Snotty tissues are taking over the house by the minute and when the other half walks through the door each night, it’s like I’m a crazy person who has just been released… Child handed to Daddy, who actually has the cheek to suggest he might be getting ill too …. Pipe down boy, I’m off for a bath and to feel sorry for myself for a few hours, night night!

PS Is it just me or do babies poop ten times more when they’re ill?! Can’t you just keep your nappy clean till Daddy gets home?!

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