Mum’s night out!

It’s nearly the weekend and Mummy has a night out!! It’s also only taken three months to arrange too!

You can always tell when Mums are on a night out…..

1. We come in packs and are loud! It’s taken that long to arrange to get together that every one talks at once and it’s the first time some of us have had a chance to have an adult conversation instead of listening to toddlers/babies all day. Plus add alcohol to that and the volume intensifies…..

2. We are very excitable and wild…. Weve only been around kids so it’s our turn to act like them again.

3. We are probably overdressed but you would be too if you’ve lived in legging and food stained/vomit stained clothes most of the week.

4. One of us will suddenly reappear wearing someone else’s hat/tree ornaments and the whole group will find it hilarious!

5. One of us will be sick, one will cry, one will DEFINITELY fall over…. This may just happen to several of us or all the same person but it will happen.

6. We will dance like we’ve just been let out for the day but we won’t care!

7. One of us will become the mother, deciding its home time and working out who needs a taxi first.

8. There will be two types of us…
1. Will be texting partners/grandparents/the babysitter non stop to check everyones ok.
2. May have a phone in their hand to take 200 pictures but then lose it along with our purse and shoes and be totally oblivious until the
next day (I’m no2!)

9. We will become THOSE mums we used to cringe at in our late teens/early twenties but guess what….. Just like them back then, WE WONT CARE!

10. One of us will guarantee to try and do the latest dance craze but really we’ll just fall over and look ridiculous.

11. We will be counting down the days until our next night out as it’s been the BEST NIGHT EVER!
(Roll on 2018! As it’ll take another year to get a group of mums all free at the same time again!)

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