So I was at work today and a fellow Mummy came in looking stressed to the max, bless her. Her little one wouldn’t settle whilst her toddler was also sulking…. I just felt so sorry for her as I’ve been there, toddler in the middle of a meltdown whilst people around give you dirty looks, no attempt to help whatsoever… I just wanted to give her a huge hug but I thought she might think I’m some kind of weirdo 😂🙈…. Then I remembered I had a Milky Bar in my bag that I was saving for an emergency in case my little man had a meltdown when we were out… Next thing I knew, I had gone and got said Milky Bar and offered it to the mum that looked ready to cry her eyes out whilst trying to get abit of shopping to give to her toddler, hoping to help calm them down… I’ve never seen anyone look so grateful for abit of help! It felt good to help out a fellow Mummy! Good deed for the day done! #mummiesunited #itsthesmallthingsinlifemummy-in-the-making-logo

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