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  • Being pregnant is a gift but you are secretly allowed to hate parts too!

Being pregnant is a gift but you are secretly allowed to hate parts too!

I have to admit I hated being pregnant. Now before you all rahhhh at me let me explain…
I loved knowing I was going to have a baby, it’s all I’d wanted for eight months we were trying. But the actual nine months of being pregnant were crap! The 10 main reasons were as follows:-

1. Morning sickness! Trying to hide the fact I was pregnant from eight other women whilst trying to be a manager was almost impossible!(I bet most of you had to do the same at work so can imagine my dilemma!) I lived on hard boiled sweets to suck when I felt sick and chippy lunch seemed to be the only thing I could stomach. I bet they just thought I’d become I right fat bastard.

2. The tiredness! Omg working 43 hours a week until I was 8 1/2 months seemed doable at the beginning. I soon realised working in retail that heavily pregnant at Christmas was a badddd idea! (I made it till the end though!).

3. I hated being FAT! People kept telling me it was baby weight, I just felt fat! Fat, fat, FAT! It didn’t help my company don’t do maternity wear, I just got a larger shirt every two months and had to buy bigger trousers, which were tight round my belly and hanging everywhere off my legs. I looked soooo hot!

4. Speaking of feeling sexy, you do not feel sexy! My fella had no chance! I never got that bullshit pregnancy glow. My skin just looked better due to the vitamins I was taking and the fact I wasn’t drinking.

5. Farting! The amount of times I blamed a customer when really is was me…. All MMEEEEEEE.

6. Getting a bad cough at 7 months resulted in my peeing myself in front of my other half. Granted it was only a dribble but he found the look of shock on my face fooking hilarious!

7. Boredom! All my friends were out partying, I was in avoiding the phone. Don’t get me wrong I was more than welcome but I just didn’t fancy watching them all drunk and chatting shite, whilst I sat there sober and bored! (Love you guys btw!)

8. Cravings!…. Who am I kidding I bloody loved pretending I always wanted a McDonald’s after tea! Although I dreaded eating out as I was terrified of that long never ending list of what you could and could not eat!

9. Other people’s opinions! OMG the pair of balls I grew whilst pregnant was unbelievable! If you knew me before, I’m such a people pleaser it’s untrue. (Still am to an extent.) However when your pregnant people have the CHEEK to tell you what you should and should not being doing when you never asked for it… Let’s just say by the time I was 5 months my responses got a lot more blunt! Thank god I worked with fab women that listened to my meltdowns over stupid, judgemental busy bodies!

10. The worse one and more serious out of the whole lot. The fact that I was completely and utterly terrified that I might lose my little guy. If I’d not felt him move in a hour I was a mess. Being a first time mum I had no idea when and when I shouldn’t be feeling him. I remember lying on my kitchen floor on my side, the other half on the phone to the midwife as I wouldn’t calm down, I was convinced I’d lost my him, my heart breaking in two. That happened on many other occasions let me tell you!

Like I say, I felt this way most of the time and guilty for it! I also felt bloody excited! Now I love my little guy so much that I would do it all again in a heartbeat. My friends and family just need to be prepared for round two one day!My Son Alex

PS Just made the other half read this before I posted it and caught him laughing but then with a tear in his eye. I really do love my little family 😍.
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