The presents babies really want.

I’ve seen a few lists of ‘the most popular baby presents’ and what to buy babies for Christmas or birthdays, so I’ve come up with my own list of what to get your baby for there 1st birthday or Christmas….

1. The remote control. Don’t bother getting a toy one, they know the difference and they will throw the toy one across the room.
2. Your mobile phone. Same situation as the remote, don’t get a toy one, it’ll end up living in the toy box. (Obviously they can’t actually have either the remote or phone for safety reasons before people start attacking me 😂🙊).
3. Visitors, the more the merrier, babies love being centre of attention!
4. The family cat/dog. The best toy EVER!
5. Mummies earrings/necklace. Babies are like magpies, if it’s shiny, they want it.
6. Christmas lights. They are bright and new, exciting times. Same goes for tinsel and baubles.
7. Wrapping paper. Just watch it doesn’t go straight in their mouth. Plus wrapping paper still on the roll is the best thing ever to hit daddy with 😂.
8. CARDBOARD BOXES. Hours of fun to be had in these, bigger the better. In fact, don’t bother with a present, just wrap a box, in a box, in a box and it’s sorted!
9. Glasses, they are just amazing to babies, Grandads and Nanna’s are definitely the best ones!
10. You. Playtime with Mummy and Daddy beats everything else when they are small 😍.

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