Routine = the most stupid word to say to a parent!

ROUTINE… The one word I HATED when I became a first time mum! It’s the most stupid word ever! I remember being awake at 12.30pm, insisting the other half doesn’t make a bottle as our son had a ‘routine’ and wasn’t due a bottle until 2! I think I may have lost the plot!!

That stupid word was the worst thing I’d heard when I first had my son. Don’t get me wrong, you find as time goes on, your little one does start to eat, drink, nap and go to sleep at the same sort of times. But at the beginning you’ve got no chance.

I remember going to meet friends for a coffee and proudly declaring that he has a bottle at 10, 2 and 6 then roll on 1pm he was hysterical because he wanted a bottle. I was also reading all the articles in OK magazine and the perfect looking size 10 actresses going on about how they’d nailed a routine within the first 3 months…. Jog on love!

We’re now 7 months down the line, Alex has his breakfast, lunch, tea and a bath around the same time but that’s as far as the routine goes! Well get there, but I’m just taking it one day at a time and have thrown the routine book out the window!

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