Routines vs reality…..

I’ve realised something today… I officially hate the word routine! Babies have they’re own plan…. You can try and control what they do but the reality is that they control you!

I’ve tried to get my little guy into a routine for bed since he was six months old… it still hasn’t happened. But today I realised that it doesn’t matter. He will sleep when he sleeps.

I tried controlled crying, maybe it’s something inside me, but I cannot listen to that cry and ignore it, it hurts too much. He wants a cuddle and a cuddle he shall get. Maybe that makes me a mug but personally that also makes me a Mum….

I tried to avoid the afternoon nap… He then fell asleep at 4pm…. so I had to wake him up and he became hysterical, never again! I couldn’t calm him down and finally he fell asleep at 11.

Then the reality of being a working mum kicked in after my maternity… You try working a 10 hour shift and then starting a routine for bed when he’s been with grandparents/ babysitters who are helping out for free so you don’t demand a routine as you know it’s a bonus they can help so you can work! You’re just glad you have someone to trust with your whole world… I’m also just glad when he passed out from exhaustion 🤣.

As for co-sleeping… if it means I get a few hours in before work, so be it!

I’ve learnt to not pass judgement on other Mums and what works for them, do what works for you! But remember sometimes Mums just need a rahhh and a reassurance that it’ll be ok, not a lecture on what works and what doesnt… Roll on when he is 18 and coming home drunk… This Mummy is going to loooovveeee turning the hoover on and banging pans as loud as I can 😁!

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