#smearforsmear I cannot stress enough how worried I’ve been for the past few days… i recently attended my regular smear test/cervical cancer screening and all I can say is I’m so glad I did! I had a result that said I had severe dyskaryosis abnormal cells and just thought wtf I’m a gonna! I was so upset! However after attending my colposcopy today I have had my biopsy and I have been told I will be having treatment to get rid of the cells and regularly checked every 6 months. To know if I hadn’t attended my regular appointment could have resulted in those cells almost more than likely becoming cancerous in a few years from now is so scary but 20 minutes of feeling uncomfortable has now hopefully prevented that! I didn’t just go to my regular appointment for me, I did it for this little guy too. I don’t want to not be here for his 18, 21 or hopefully 60th birthday just because I felt ’embarrassed’ about a procedure that could save my life…. Attend you’re smear/cervical screening ladies, it could save your life! I’m so glad I went to mine!
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