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  • The things I seriously didnt appreciate until I had a baby……….

The things I seriously didnt appreciate until I had a baby……….

Mummy has a lunch date with some old work friends today and is already dreading/preparing things to entertain the toddler with for an hour…. Then I started thinking about all the other things I used to enjoy but not appreciate enough before I had a little one. 10 things I didn’t realise are….
1. Sleep. Lie in, go to bed early, have a nap, do all three in one day on a day off! Spend the day in bed if you get a chance! You will never know how much you miss a full nights sleep until you have children.
2. Go to the toilet by yourself… Without having a child sit on you or having to talk through the door whilst you’re on the loo!
3. Love your body, every lump and bump of it! You will never have the figure you had before children again unless you’re a famous actress/celebrity and can spent thousands to fix it!
4. Don’t hate the supermarket shop… You will never get the chance to enjoy a stroll around the aisles, debating what’s for tea… You’ll now just grab the first deal you come across and hope for the best.
5. A friend asks you out for a last minute drink? Go! Tea out? Do it! Enjoy every uninterrupted mouthful!
6. Enjoy as many luxurious holidays as you can. Take every pair of shoes you own. I’m now looking for ways to empty my suitcase for more baby clothes,have one pair of sensible mum shoes to pack and I’m off to Butlins as I can guarantee I have one tired toddler each night!
7. Love your TV. Binge on your favourite box sets… I can’t remember the last time I looked at my list of recorded programmes I have yet to watch this year, I’m scared too 😂.
8. Go shopping! Love every minute of trying clothes on, even if you don’t buy them. My phone is now full of online shopping apps, waiting to take my money. Buy that outfit you’re not sure about with excitement!
9. Enjoy a warm brew or meal. In fact enjoy anything you get to eat warm. Better yet, enjoy the fact you get to eat it all without having to share the majority of it to an already fed toddler.
10. Enjoy being you. Do all the things you love, even the small ones. Because once the little guys are here you’re whole world will change. (In a good way, I promise, but until then make sure you have a good time first!)

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