top 10 perks of being a parent!

So it’s Monday again…. Instead of being a moaning mare as usual on a Monday, I’ve thought of 10 perks of being a parent!

1. Cuddles. Yes they may have had three tantrums in one day and fought/thrown their breakfast and lunch all over you but then that heartfelt cuddle you get off them instantly makes you forget everything else.

2. Bedtime. You countdown the hours to it some days, then you get not only the relief of silence but also how cute do they look when they are sleep?! To think, you made that beautiful little one means the world.

3. New friends. Yes you may meet some cuckoo or condescending mothers/fathers once your little one is here but you also get to meet the sane ones who will listen to you moan about how tired you are, how many poops you’ve cleaned up or heart attacks you’ve had weaning. You love the friends you already have but sometimes it’s nice to have ones going through the same problems as you.

4. Babies/children always cheer you up. You may be in a foul mood but just a smile off your little one can change your whole mood instantly! Plus everyone is happy to see you when you are with your little one too.

5. You can duck out of gatherings/events. Works do to go too? Family meal? If you’ve had a bad night with the little one you can say sorry but I won’t be coming without any guilt, curl up at home in your comfy clothes instead.

6. You get to be a kid again. You can watch Disney, go to the zoo, days out to Blackpool or the beach… you now have the perfect excuse.

7. Maternity leave. Ok so the pay is crap and you are constantly tired but you get almost whole year away from work drama, who doesn’t want to avoid that?!

8. You get to see the world through a child’s eyes. The small things you missed, the bigger things you take advantage of are all new to your little one and you get to enjoy learning about it all again with them.

9. Recapture the excitement of holidays, birthdays, Christmas… Its all means so much more with children.

10. Someone is always happy to see you, family or your partner will never give you that feeling that a little one does when they see you first time in the morning or after you’ve been away for a while. Plus that love you have back for them is indescribable and all consuming. Your world.

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