Weaning… What parents nightmares are made of!

Do you know something… I seriously hate weaning! No one tells you exactly how to do it, or what is the right way… It is a constant guessing game, it’s also a game that you will never, ever win! Just when you think you’ve nailed it, bam! Baby changes the rules! Food they love one day, they then suddenly hate the next! Also forget dressing in nice clothes, you’re going to be covered in food for months… Whether you like it or not, it’s happening!
Let’s start with the whole weaning/baby led drama. I have several aunties that are old school, 4 months old and it’s hello baby rice/porridge. Then there is the new, wait until they are 6 months guideline. THEN there is the new baby led generation… You’re basically fucked from the get go as a first time mum. I remember one of my friends from baby group making me feel like something she trod in whilst she lectured me on why she’s doing baby led weaning and how it’s the way forward…. two months later I find her is Tesco buying baby food jars and thinking ‘yeh bitch, you ain’t so perfect after all!’
As for those baby jars, is it just me or are they all the same dodgy orange colour?! The same said colour that stains baby clothes, every bloody time!?
As for people judging me for using baby jars, have you any idea how defeating it is spending all afternoon steaming/stewing/blending food is, to then watch your little one throw it on the floor for the family pet to look at it and walk off?! (To be fair to them both, I wouldn’t eat it either!)
As for finger food… OMG!! Get ready for a mini heart attack everytime your baby gags whilst eating…. 1 year in and I still panic! I remember a friend of mine telling me about when her little one got cucumber stuck in their throat, something they ate several times before, this resulted in her crying for several minutes on the phone to her Mum after the event then trying to be calmed down by Grandma. My little guy did the same but on a ‘mummy biscuit’, safe to say he’s never had one since!
Overall, it doesn’t matter how you wish to teach your child to eat, be it starting at 4 months or waiting until 6. If you want to do baby led or the old fashioned way, do what works for you…. Just be prepared for the mini heart attacks that come with it!
(Ps I’m still terrified when my little guy attempts to eat a grape!)

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