Your baby is your baby!

When I first found out I was pregnant the amount of baby books I read was a joke. I felt obligated to though as I had no idea how to look after a baby! I’d avoided newborn babies like the plague for near enough 30 years, a mixture or fear and incase I did something wrong. The first time I saw a real poopy nappy I was almost 30! This time I had no choice as this baby was going to rely on me. It was when I was stood in Wilkos at 5 months pregnant with the other half looking at cot bedding which said from six months, both us realising what the fook does the baby sleep in until then that I realised I seriously needed to start figuring out what the hell we were going to do and bought some books.

After being more confused than ever after reading different people opinions I realised the best guide is the one you make yourself! No one can tell you what to do, your baby is your baby! Stuff the books and horror stories.

I tried breastfeeding, the pain of latching on mixed with the pain of trying to get up after a c section and recover was too much, so I gave up after a month and went to formula. Then I felt bloody guilty as my little guy got bad ecezma so I was convinced it was all my fault after reading articles about breastfeeding. Totally ignoring the fact my other half still gets it just as bad now too.

The whole SIDS scared the crap out of me daily! After reading more stories and articles, when my little guy was asleep I never stopped watching him for fear of something happening. He had to be placed on his back and if he rolled over I automatically put him back, he had no choice in the matter bless him. Napping when they sleep, not a bloody chance when your a first time mum! I even used to hold a wee in until someone came round! Now if I he wakes up in the early hours and won’t go down, he’s in bed with me, yup I’m that mum and proud, if it means I get an extra hour to help function the next day I will do it, whose with me?!

We started weaning our little guy at 5 months as I decided it was time. That was followed by guilt off other mums at baby group tutting and their opinions confusing me, convinced I’d made a wrong move. Then I realised, it’s my bloody baby!! I don’t pass opinions on what other people are doing, be it starting at 4 or waiting until 6 months, baby led or old school weaning as its not my baby, it’s theirs! As long as you feel it’s right, what does it have to do with anyone else?…

Anything that means you are happy, that your baby is healthy and happy, surely it’s the right way? It’s nothing to do with anyone else, it’s what’s best for your baby 🙌🏽. #mummyinthemaking #newborn #breastfeeding #weaning #firsttimemum

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